I worry about Mayu.

Okay, let me back up first and clarify that I am not a Mayu oshi. In fact, cyborg girl’s not even in my faves list. However, at the wake of Yuko’s graduation announcement, the question of who would lead AKB once again comes into play. After Acchan’s departure, the management decided not to stick with a ‘fixed’ center, even picking Kojiharu as an unconventional surprise for last year’s fall single. A recap: Mayu only centered two songs and she did not even get them as a solo.

If Mayu couldn’t grab first place last year, and can’t leap over Sasshi this year, how much of a big blow would it be to her motivation and self-esteem?

I see how hard Mayu is trying to appeal to mainstream and casual fans. Bouncing back to grab that first place would, I feel, be that deeply satisfying assurance that she has what it takes to be AKB’s pillar of support for its new chapter. Not to mention, I am not comfortable with a sister group member centering an AKB single. I’d rather they center their own single and reach the top with their respective groups.

TL;DR: 2014 should be the year Mayu wins. If not, she may be burdened with being branded as a failure and that is one thing I definitely don’t want to happen!  =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ

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    This ;___________; Please support her, I don’t want to see her dissappointment face again, and I know if Mayuyu doesn’t...
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    With Yuko ‘out of the way’ (no disrespect intended), there are no more excuses. If I wanted to be dramatic, I’d say this...
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    My thoughts exactly also.. (-.-)
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    I think management pushed her too hard. Not only did she have the w-centres, but she is replacing a lot of Acchan songs....
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    i feel you and being a Mayu oshi, I double want Mayu to get first. Not just because I adore her but because she majorly...
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